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Currently having a McGarrett /
Hawaii Five-0 crisis.
Also Teen Wolf.
Always crying about Star Trek /
Space Husbands.
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Phil · 21 · Germany

Science (Lieutenant).
ϟ Ravenclaw. ϟ
Mutant and proud.
☽ Werewolf. ☾

theme maker. ♥
photoshop junkie.

addicted to tumblr, tv shows,
☀ movies and fanfiction. ☀


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I'm pretty active on snapchat, trying on twitter and not really on insta, so be warned.
such creativity with usernames


During the week mostly online between 6pm(ish) and 11pm(ish),
weekend mostly all day.

Queue running 24/7 with 50 posts a day.



Star Trek TOS (movies)
Once Upon A Time


House MD
Game of Thrones


Der Schwarm (rereading)

Various fanfics

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GotG soundtrack + Awesome Mix Vol. 1

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Hawaii Five-0, Steve McGarrett, Alex O'Loughlin, Sterek, Tyler Hoechlin, Dylan O'Brien

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Yo I finally realised that theme idea I had for like a month and I'm actually pretty proud of how it turned out :)

Merlin"Dragoon the Great" quotes from 05x07  

     {which could totally be used as reaction gifs}

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